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COMPANY   -   Inmobiliaria Queiruga2

     The estate agency Queiruga2 is located in the little village of Porto do Son, in the Southern part of the Muros-Noia estuary

     Now we show you a tool that help you to access to our geographic location.

Where are we?

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     Porto do Son is a little village. He is located in the southern part of Muros Noia's estuary. Porto do Son has over 25 kilometers sprinkled of coast of innumerable and little beaches that conform it like destination preferred of neighbors and visitors during the months of summer.

     To Occident is the sea of Muros's estuary and Noia . The road C 550, range the entire the seashore of the short estuaries from Cee to Tui without almost separating from the coas and crosses the Porto do Son village at road Noia- Ribeira. The distance from Noia to Santiago is 49 kilometers.

     From the South of Galicia you can take place from Padrón, following direction Ribeira and contouring the district of Barbanza to Porto do Son( 62 kilometers from Padrón ) .The capital of the Municipality is the village of Porto do Son, small town with great marine taste. Although Portosín, and Baroña are indebted visits.

     In a walk for his typical back streets we will be able to contemplate this population's life; A great architectural popular demonstration. His fleet of lowness brings better fishes and estuary's seafood and that sell themselves to the public at the public market to port every day.

View old photos of Porto do Son.

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